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A Revolution in Car Cleaning 

Waterless, Eco-Friendly, and Efficient.
Save water, Save money, and Save time. 

Revolutionize Car Care with Future Wash:
An Effortless Clean Anywhere, Anytime

Free yourself from scheduling your day around hunting for a car wash, enduring uncomfortable waits, and getting disappointing results. We cater to you, offering services at retail spots, your workplace, airports, and even the comfort of your home. Future Wash seamlessly brings a spotless vehicle into your lifestyle. 


Elevate your experience: Wash while you shop and dine

Wash at Work

Effortlessly keep your car clean during work with onsite cleaning

Wash at Home

Maintain your car with recurring at home washes


Sustain your company's brand with regular cleaning services


Arrive to a spotless car upon your return to the airport


Unlock savings and value by becoming a member today

Convenience and High Value, Hassle Free

Tired of searching for a convenient and high quality car wash? Future Wash is here to simplify your car cleaning experience and your life, in a sustainable way.

The Future of Convenience

Online booking from anywhere

Wash while you shop, dine, travel or work

Save time with all day bookings

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car wash to my home

The Future of Savings 

Memberships get discounts on every wash

Easy to understand service menu

Only pay for what you need

The Future of Sustainability

Less than 16 oz of water per wash

Eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals

No run off or ground contamination 

waterless car wash eco friendly
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Why do customers love 
Future Wash?

Future Wash is the exclusive solution that harmoniously blends cost savings and convenience, while also embracing environmental responsibility and a steadfast commitment to creating a greener future in the communities our clients call home.

5 star review car wash

"Now that I have a baby, I don't have time to wait an hour at the car wash so I opted for Future Wash's monthly subscription program where they come to you, which is really convenient as they tailored to our needs. There's a $35 delivery charge, so I opted to have 3 cars done at the same time. They arrived on time and did a thorough job as well!"

- Jenn L.

five star car wash

"They always do a great job on my Model X. I have a Ceramic Pro coating and this waterless wash is far less intrusive and keeps the coat and polish looking amazing.

I am a customer for life."

- Daman K.

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The latest news, innovations and resources from our team.

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Experience what life is like with 
Future Wash

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