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About Future Wash
Revolutionizing Car Care

From Tesla Wash to Future Wash

It all began with an innovative idea called "Tesla Wash" – a unique service washing Teslas while they quietly charged. We were more than just a car wash; we were a symbol of convenience, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. Our mission was simple yet revolutionary: to save water and deliver unparalleled quality in car care, all while our customers enjoyed their time uninterrupted.

As we mastered the art of cleaning Teslas, our vision grew. We saw the potential to extend our exceptional service to all types of vehicles. The outdated model of car washes needed a change, and we were ready to lead it. Our founder's vision was clear – to transform the way people think about car washing.

Today, as Future Wash, we proudly offer our services to a diverse range of cars, still adhering to our core values of convenience, water conservation, and high-quality service. Our journey from Tesla Wash to Future Wash reflects our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, redefining the car wash experience for everyone.

Join us as we continue to revolutionize car care, one wash at a time.


Water Conservation

At the core of our mission is the commitment to save water. Our waterless cleaning technology uses less than a pint of water per wash, significantly reducing water waste and preserving this vital resource.

 Unmatched Convenience

We redefine convenience in car care. Our services are available where you need them - whether that's at a charging station, your workplace, or home. We integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, saving you time and hassle.

Superior Quality

Our dedication to quality is unwavering. Using advanced, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure each vehicle receives meticulous care and attention, resulting in a spotless, polished finish every time.

Our Services


Elevate your experience: Wash while you shop and dine


Sustain your company's brand with regular cleaning services

Wash at Work

Effortlessly keep your car clean during work with onsite cleaning


Arrive to a spotless car upon your return to the airport

Wash at Home

Maintain your car with recurring at home washes


Unlock savings and value by becoming a member today

How Does Waterless Work?

Step 1

Your vehicle' paint is not flat. With improper wash and drying techniques from a traditional or brush wash, dirt can scratch the paint.

Step 3

We only use clean microfiber towels and advanced techniques to safely lift and absorb dirt off the vehicle's surface.

Step 2

Our wash liquids emulsify the dirt, encapsulate the contaminants and provides a safe layer of lubrication to ensure proper removal of contamination

Step 4

The final result is a scratch, streak and swirl free glossy finish!

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