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If saving water is our first goal, then saving the environment is our second.

The car wash industry is outdated and poses many environmental threats.

Lost Water

Most car washes use at least 40 gallons of water for a single car. Even when the car wash uses recycled water they can potentially introduce and lose about 60 gallons of fresh water from EACH car. Waterless car washing uses minimal amounts of water per car, in most cases less than one cup.

Car Wash
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Contamination & Chemicals on Vehicles Surface

We must face the facts. Car washing can pose threats to the environment. Contamination and other harmful residue picked up on the vehicle's surface runs off into the ground when the car is washed and must go somewhere. It can end up in drinking water or used for plants and animals. With waterless, the dirt and contaminants are wiped directly into the microfiber towels, trapping and reducing potential runoff. 

Chemicals in Wash Liquids

Phosphates (or the chemical replacement NTA) is the standard component of most car wash detergents. A study showed that these very detergents were also linked to fish membrane damage. Any water discharge from a dirty car will leave a polluted trail. In addition to waterless car washing saving water, Future Wash's chemicals are biodegradable, making certain no harmful chemicals flood the ground or car. 

Lab Experiments

Our Beginnings

Future Wash is an independent company founded in the Bay Area with two simple, yet powerful goals in mind. First, we plan to save time and money for our customers. We combine car cleaning with everyday activities at local businesses, shopping centers, and luxury strip malls for employees, tenants and the public. Second, we strive to be an environmentally conscious company. Our washes are waterless and our products are eco-friendly with only biodegradable ingredients. 

Our passion lies with improving the environment and saving water. Future Wash began operations in 2017 and grew rapidly, primarily driven by strong consumer demand. Employees receive hands on training in wash techniques, customer service and have experience in taking care of vehicles ranging from luxury, sport and everyday drivers. 

Go Waterless

Waterless car washes are here to revolutionize the way you care for your vehicle. By using less than a cup of water per vehicle, we will leave your vehicle looking shiny and clean. 

Step 1

Your vehicle' paint is not flat. With improper wash and drying techniques from a traditional or brush wash, dirt can scratch the paint.

Step 3

We only use clean microfiber towels and advanced techniques to safely lift and absorb dirt off the vehicle's surface.

Step 2

Our wash liquids emulsify the dirt, encapsulate the contaminants and provides a safe layer of lubrication to ensure proper removal of contamination

Step 4

The final result is a scratch, streak and swirl free glossy finish!


The Founders


Michael Dennison



Colby Taylor

Vice President


Joseph Shepard



Ari Agress

Vice President

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