A Revolution in Car Cleaning

Future Wash was created with two goals in mind: Save water for our community and save our customers time & money. We have the ability to safely clean a car with 1 cup of water and only use eco-friendly products. Future Wash partners with retailers and office management to provide our car wash as an onsite amenity for consumers and employees.. We can also deliver the car wash directly to our customers' homes. We look forward to servicing you!

Car Wash


Typically, tunnel and in-bay automatic car washes can use up to 70-120 gallons of water per vehicle. Even with modern reclamation systems which could recycle up to 75% of water, 18-35+ gallons are still wasted. This amounts to millions of wasted gallons of water per year. 

Contrary to popular belief, at home driveway car washes can produce even more waste. Running the garden house for only 10 minutes can use 80-140 gallons!

Our waterless method can safely and effectively wash a vehicle using only 8-12oz of water. Future Wash can clean 10 vehicles using only 1 gallon of water. Now that's big savings.


Many commercial car wash soaps and cleaners contain harmful chemicals and ingredients (such as phosphates). Improperly cleaning your car can lead to environmental runoff and is worst cases can run directly into streams, lakes or rivers. 

Even using biodegradable cleaners can be harmful if runoff is produced. The combination of grease, dirt, grime and oils accumulated on the vehicles surface can be washed down the drains with the soaps. 

Future Wash only utilizes biodegradable and eco-friendly wash ingredients. When cleaning the vehicle, we wipe all contamination directly into our towel as opposed to spraying onto the ground. 

Turtle in the Reef


Waterless car washes are here to revolutionize the way you care for your vehicle. By using less than a cup of water per vehicle, we will leave your car looking shiny and clean.

Step 1

Your vehicle' paint is not flat. With improper wash and drying techniques from a traditional or brush wash, dirt can scratch the paint.

Step 3

We only use clean microfiber towels and advanced techniques to safely lift and absorb dirt off the vehicle's surface.

Our wash liquids emulsify the dirt, encapsulate the contaminants and provides a safe layer of lubrication to ensure proper removal of contamination

Step 4

The final result is a scratch, streak and swirl free glossy finish!

Step 2


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