About Us

     Future Wash is an independent company founded in the Bay Area with two simple, yet powerful goals in mind. First, we plan to save time and money for our customers. We combine car cleaning with everyday activities at local businesses, shopping centers, and luxury strip malls for employees, tenants, and the public. Second, we strive to be an environmentally conscious company. Our washes are waterless and our products are eco-friendly with only biodegradable ingredients.


​     Our passion lies with improving the environment and saving water by only using a waterless car wash method combined with only eco-friendly ingredients in all our washes. Future Wash began operations in 2017 and grew rapidly, primarily driven by strong consumer demand. Employees receive hands on training in wash techniques, customer service and have experience in caring for different vehicles ranging from luxury cars to everyday drivers.



Our Mission is Simple:

Save over 1 million gallons of fresh water and hours of our client's time every month by performing waterless car washes throughout the Bay Area. 

Some Companies Who Actively Benefit From Future Wash

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