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The Best Part of Our Membership Program

Members who add Wash at Home receive scheduled washes at their home and enjoy a discounted delivery fee, while receiving all the benefits of standard members.


By far, Wash at Home has been our most requested service. We recognized that not all our customers can make it to a retail site when they need a wash. Our goal was to build a program for our best customers allowing them to bring the benefit of a Future Wash direct to their door. An effortless way keep your car looking brand new. 


How it Works

Become a Member

Simply fill out the form on our member sign up page and check the wash at home box. We will reach out for scheduling 

Choose Your Schedule

Our sign up specialist will call and help you find the best day and time. We will cover any other details needed to get you started

Enjoy Your Clean Car

Relax and let us make sure your vehicle is clean and maintained. you will enjoy a clean vehicle year round with no hassle 

How Pricing Works

Our members get discounts on every wash and Wash at Home members save even more. Future Wash at Home pricing reflects our current membership pricing + $35 delivery fee per household.



  • Member Pricing 

  • 30% off Detail Menu

  • 10% off Products

  • Use points on any car

  • Access to more service points

  • Priority Booking


“Now that I have a baby, I don't have time to wait an hour at the car wash so I opted for Future Wash's new wash monthly subscription program where they come to you, which is really convenient as they tailored to our needs. 


There's a $30 delivery charge, so I opted to have 3 cars done at the same time. They arrived on time at 8am and finished all 3 vehicles in about 90 minutes. They did a thorough job as well!”

— Jenn L.


“They always do a great job on my Model X. I have a Ceramic Pro coating and this waterless wash method is far less intrusive and keeps the coat and polish looking amazing.



I'm a customer for life.

—Daman K.

What People Are Saying

  • What if I want an at home wash more than once a month?
    When you register for the program, simply let us know and we will schedule you for an at home wash every two weeks. The cost will be the same for each additional wash.
  • How does scheduling work?
    We wash based on days of the week, NOT a day of the month. You chose your day of the week and we will wash your car on that day every month. i.e. The first Saturday of the month allowing you to plan your schedule better.
  • How will the onsite Waterless Technican know that I am a member to get my discount?
    Each customer is assigned a membership card that is attached too your car's license plate. Show the technician your card to get your discount.
  • What if weather prevents the technician from doing the wash?
    In the rare instance that FW is unable to perform the wash, you will be refunded $33 delivery fee and an option to redeem your wash at any Retail or Wash at Work site.
  • What if my scheduled wash day fall on a holiday?
    We will plan ahead and adjust the schedule ahead of time.
  • What if my car is not home or I am not available on my wash day?
    We have a two week notice policy. If you know at least two weeks ahead of time, we will refund you $33 delivery fee and you can redeem a free wash at a Retail or Wash at Work location. Less than twoo week notice, you will be charged full price and still can redeem a free wash.
  • What if I want to tip my technician?
    Tips are optional. Our employees are paid W2. With our billing system we have no way to directly tip them so if you would like tip, it can be done in cash or a direct payment to them (such as Venmo).
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