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Future Wash does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or property in our possession. 

Customers using any of our car cleaning services do so at their own risk.

At Future Wash we take pride in every vehicle we wash. In fact, we wash thousands of vehicles every single month at all of our locations. We are experts in waterless car cleaning. We clean every vehicle by hand using plush microfiber towels and eco-friendly water-based ingredients. We meticulously train every employee on our propriety methods. We do all of these things in an effort to provide you the best price and highest quality wash in the business. 

Here are the facts: There is no way to clean/dry any vehicle unless you put towels on the painted surfaces of your car. Overtime, this on top of everyday driving will cause a negative impact on the protective layer of your paint called the clear coat. With the Future Wash method, we use heavy lubrication and a no pressure technique to clean your car and we are confident our method is the best way to maintain a clean car. We know you have a choice as to where you wash your car. Unfortunately, over time we have discovered that there is always a degree of human error and a number of scammers out there. This has made it impossible for us to take any responsibility for damage to your vehicle or property while the car is in our possession. 

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