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Premium Car Cleaning at Bay 101 Casino
Get Your Car Pampered While You Enjoy the Casino

How it Works

1. Book in Advance

Book your car wash online at least 24 hours before your visit to Bay 101 Casino to ensure a smooth process.

2. Park & Play

Park in the designated Future Wash area at Bay 101 on your appointment day, then enjoy the casino.

3. Drive Away Clean

Return to your parking spot to find your car spotlessly cleaned and ready for the next journey.

Who We Are

Future Wash: The Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Revolution

At Future Wash, we're not just about cleaning cars - we're about making a difference. Our pioneering waterless cleaning technology sets us apart, saving countless gallons of water with every wash and proving that premium car care can be sustainable.

Our Mission

To conserve one of Earth's most precious resources and offer unparalleled convenience, we merge the necessity of car care with the rhythm of daily life. Whether you're working, shopping, or traveling, Future Wash integrates seamlessly into your schedule, providing top-notch service without the environmental footprint.

Where You Can Find Us

Our services extend beyond trraditional locations. From retail sites and shopping malls to corporate fleets and airport parking lots, we bring our eco-friendly car wash directly to you - even at your own home. Future Wash is redefining convenience, one clean car at at time, while steadfastly committing to environmental stewardship.

Join Us in Driving Change

Choose Future Wash, where every wash contributes to water conservation and offers you a time saving solution that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle.

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