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Partner with Us - Elevate Your Retail Experience

The Future of Car Care at Your Shopping Center.

Effortless, Eco-Friendly, and Exceptional

Introducing a revolution in retail car care with our Waterless Retail Wash. Effortlessly integrated into your shopping environment, it redefines vehicle maintenance for your customers. This service, designed for retail locations, offers a hassle-free and eco-friendly car cleaning experience, changing the way car care is perceived and delivered in retail settings.


Simplifies car care for shoppers, offering services while they shop.


Uses waterless technology, promoting environmental sustainability.

High Quality

Ensures top notch, thorough car cleaning services for every customer.

Tailored Services

Offers a range of services tailored to different needs and vehicle types.

Corporate Partnerships

Draws additional foot traffic to retail locations, enhancing business.


Provides special deals and perks, encouraging repeat visits and customer loyalty.

How it Works

Seamless Integration into Your Shopping Center

Corporate Coordination

Partnership initiation call/contact

Easy setup integration and process explained

Smooth and efficient onboarding process


Simplified Booking

Customer booking portal and support

Hassle-free scheduling to fit their schedule

Convenience at every customer's fingertips

Expert Car Cleaning

Professional team onsite at workplace

Eco-friendly, waterless cleaning techniques

Spotless cars ready after customer returns


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Why do customers love 
Future Wash?

Future Wash is the exclusive solution that harmoniously blends cost savings and convenience, while also embracing environmental responsibility and a steadfast commitment to creating a greener future in the communities our clients call home.

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Future Wash

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