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Onsite car cleaning amenity at malls and other entertainment locations. Designed to save you time and money while enhancing your customer experience by providing waterless wash options for your vehicle while you shop and dine.  



Fast - Convenient - Value

Drop Your Car and Go!

Our retail sites were designed with convenience in mind. We set up in the right in the garage where you would park. No searching for parking, simply pull up just like valet and hope out. We will wash your car by hand using our waterless method and text you when your car is ready. Pick it up anytime. Help us in our mission of saving millions of gallons of fresh water and save money at the same time. 

Young Women with Shopping Bags


Add Future Wash
to Your Location 

We are expanding in many markets. Future Wash makes a great amenity for your consumers. Please reach out for information on how to add a future Wash location at your site. 

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