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Future Wash Membership

A Unique Subscription Service Designed to effortlessly keep your car looking brand new. 

1. Select Membership Type

Retail: Book appointments and redeem points at retail locations.

Wash at Home: Washes delivered to your home or office on a recurring basis. *$35 fee added to subscription for delivery*

2. Select Recurring Points

Select the number of service points that best suits your cleaning needs. Customize, edit, and utilize your points to receive the most value.

All members can add more points at anytime. 

3. Redeem and Save

Redeeming points makes every service cheaper and puts more money in your pocket. We designed a simple point redemption model to better understand how to redeem points. Use points on ANY car. 



2 Points Per Month 


Additional Point Options

Subscription Points






Add Rollover for 

Please read out FAQ below for more about how rollover works

  • 10% off Future Wash Product line

  • Access to Wash at Home

  • Exclusive updates and features

  • Access to Future Wash App

Existing Members Click here to add rollover to your current membership plan and start rolling points today



Future Wash Exterior

Future Wash Everything 



Exterior Mini Detail

Everything Mini Detail

Interior Mini Detail

Full Detail

Dog Hair Add-on

Retail Cost




















  • What if I want an at home wash more than once a month?
    When you register for the program, simply let us know and we will schedule you for an at home wash every two weeks. The cost will be the same for each additional wash.
  • How does scheduling work?
    We wash based on days of the week, NOT a day of the month. You chose your day of the week and we will wash your car on that day every month. i.e. The first Saturday of the month allowing you to plan your schedule better.
  • How will the onsite Waterless Technican know that I am a member to get my discount?
    Each customer is assigned a membership card that is attached too your car's license plate. Show the technician your card to get your discount.
  • What if weather prevents the technician from doing the wash?
    In the rare instance that FW is unable to perform the wash, you will be refunded $33 delivery fee and an option to redeem your wash at any Retail or Wash at Work site.
  • What if my scheduled wash day fall on a holiday?
    We will plan ahead and adjust the schedule ahead of time.
  • What if my car is not home or I am not available on my wash day?
    We have a two week notice policy. If you know at least two weeks ahead of time, we will refund you $33 delivery fee and you can redeem a free wash at a Retail or Wash at Work location. Less than twoo week notice, you will be charged full price and still can redeem a free wash.
  • What if I want to tip my technician?
    Tips are optional. Our employees are paid W2. With our billing system we have no way to directly tip them so if you would like tip, it can be done in cash or a direct payment to them (such as Venmo).


At Future Wash we wanted to create a different kind of membership program. One that is customizable to any budget, car, or frequency of use.  Current local options limit you to “Unlimited Exterior ONLY” or Free Vacuums “if you do it yourself,” and make you purchase a separate plan for each car. We knew there was a better way. Future Wash Membership was built with our core priorities in mind. Save Water and the Environment while saving our customers Time & Money. You decide when and how you want to manage your car cleaning. Its different and new so please call with any questions or sign up today.

Become a Member Today!

Additional Questions?

Call us at (888) 399-9274

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