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Future Wash Membership
Save money on every wash.

What is a Future Wash Membership?

A subscription based program designed for customers who seek regular, high-quality car wash services at a discounted rate. By paying a small monthly fee, members gain access to exclusive benefits and services not available to non-members.

Key Features of Membership:

1. Monthly Subscription Fee: A fixed fee of $20 per month, providing ongoing access to membership benefits.

2. Exclusive Member Only Prices: Special rates that are lower than what non members pay for the same services, emphasizing the value and savings of being a member.

Huge Savings

Save up to 50% on all services


Use your membership on any car


Up to 4 services per month at member price; 20% off after

Exclusive Offers

Save even more with special member only discounts

Peace of Mind

Have a clean car year round

Monthly Membership


  • Huge savings on every wash

  • Wash any car under one plan

  • Exclusive offers 

  • No commitments, cancel anytime

Annual Membership


  • Buy 10 months, get 2 months FREE ($40 savings)

  • Wash any car under one plan

  • Exclusive offers

  • Annual commitment

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